Hey there! My name is Shiela short for Shie. I’m a girl who has an extreme addiction to travel the world, cook whatever I like, find the beautiful in the ugly, and write everything that makes me tick. Follow me as I explore the world.


My parents are from Bicol – Camarines Sur in particular. I have seven siblings, and I’m the youngest. I grew up in 5 different places in the Philippines – Quezon Province, Rizal, Laguna, Makati, and Bulacan – because when my father died we started moving from one place to another to find better living.

Writing has been my first love, but I’m not really good at it. So, hopefully through blogging I’ll be able to improve my writing skill. I have a lot of things in mind that I want to put into words, but there are two things I really want to highlight in this blog – travel and food.

Traveling the world has been my dream. I’m such a travel enthusiast. I’ve only been to few places that’s why my feet is itching to go to places I’ve never seen. I want to see the world, experience different cultures, take panoramic pictures, and I want to taste every food wherever my feet will take me.

You’ll see here my experiences of places I’ve explored. I might also include some tips that I learned in everything that I experienced along the way of my journey. I’ll also share here my love for cooking, especially about experimenting on different recipes, baking, and my experiences in eating out in different restaurants. This will also be a blog for every DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff that I love to do, and random ramblings about everything.

I will always keep you posted, guys. Thank you for stopping by. Please follow me if you find my blog interesting.