TravelBook Blogger Getaway: 3D-2N Fun-filled Adventure at Mountain Lake Resort

If you have read from my previous post, I got a chance to experience the 3 days and 2 nights sponsored trip by Travelbook to Mountain Lake Resort. As promised, here is the second part of the full blog post of the getaway.


Day 1 (Nov. 25)

Mountain Lake Resort service van picked us up in Robinson’s Cybergate 3 at around 8:00am. I thought it’ll be just a quick drive, but I was totally wrong. It was a long drive with a bumpy and swirling road, plus the rain made the journey a bit gloomy. I think it took us almost 4 hours of travel time.

Travel tips: The best way to get to Mountain Lake Resort is by private car or rented van because there’s no direct transportation system from Metro Manila to the resort.

Despite the long drive and bad weather, the beautiful scenery of the Caliraya lake and its green surroundings gave us a blissful welcoming treat. We arrived at Mountain Lake Resort just in time for lunch. We were all hungry, tired, and a bit dizzy. But it immediately vanished by the mouth-watering lunch prepared for us. I love their super Crispy Sisig, and Crispy Pata.

Due to the heavy rainfall, we were not able to follow the itinerary. After lunch, we checked in to Amihan Cottage and rested the entire afternoon. It was already dark but the rain was still pouring. All the activities for the day got cancelled.

After dinner, Travelbook team prepared a game for us. We were divided into 3 teams to play Charades. I’m with team 1, consisted of Allan of The Filipino Rambler, Julia of Julia Antoinette, Erica of TGWTMH, and Mon of Terrific Traveller. Because the members of my team were very competitive and smart, we won the game. Haha! The prize was gift certificates from Totem PhilippinesEscape Hunt ManilaLazerXtreme, Mystery Manilaand Zalora PhilippinesThank you Travelbook, I really did enjoy the game.

From left: Me, Mon, Allan, Erica, and Julia

The fun that night didn’t stop there. After the game, we head to Marina and gathered in one cottage for social night. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without an alcoholic beverage. They bought Empirador Light and some chips. We all laughed, shared stories, and played games until midnight. The star of that night was Allan of The Filipino Rambler, he brought a lot of jokes and funny stories. All I can do is to laugh and listen.


Day 2 (Nov. 26)

The next morning, we were woken up by the loud quack noise of the hungry ducks. I got ready very early so I can take photos of the Marina. Luckily, the sun shows up that day. We head to the clubhouse for the breakfast. By 9:00 am, we went back to Marina and get ready for the team building (In-Water Obstacle).15170919_1879275678970309_1460923395292077346_n

The obstacle course has 10 stages, but the Game Master only let us try the 7 stages. We were split up into two groups, and whichever team is the fastest will win.

1. Wall Climb Slide

SONY DSC(c) Jena Mae

2. Tire Challenge

SONY DSC(c) Jena Mae

3. Cable Balance

15235770_712614965572993_2755113191082091193_o(c) Jena Mae

4. Karate Kid


5. Tarzan Swing


6. Military Crawl

11(c) Erica of TGWTMH

7. Palo sebo

img_90072bcopy(c) Erica of TGWTMH

I thought it was just a piece of cake, but I underestimated it. The Wall Climb & Slide was already a challenge for me. Get ready to get wet and muddy in this course. It’ll leave not only happy, but messy as well. It’s worth a try.

After the obstacle course, we also tried the Slide N’ Drop which is really thrilling.

We also went kayaking. This is my first time to try the kayak. I was so excited and never realized that it will give me sore muscles the next day.


We head to the other side of the Marina to experience their Swan Boat. Pedaling the boat wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

(c) Jena Mae

This day was intoxicatingly tiring due to lots of activities, but it was all worth the pain and dirt we faced. We even still have the energy to enjoy the night with a karaoke and drinking sessions. There was raffle draws in between our videoke session. And they gave us a lute bag with freebies from their sponsors.

15195902_10154827600156683_6656308366992885140_o(c) Erica of TGWTMH

Day 3 (Nov. 27)

Last half day at the resort. We had our breakfast at the clubhouse. Then, they took us for a quick tour of the hotel facilities. See my previous blog post to see the photos of the hotel.

The only activity we have for the day is ATV ride. They have a total of 8 ATV. We split in two groups so each of us can experience  driving the ATV. Thankfully, I know the basics of driving. You didn’t have to be pro driver to experience this. The staff will teach you how every button works, and they will have you sign a waiver -in case something bad happened to you during the ride- before letting you drive it.

(c) Mon Villaverde of Terrific Traveller

And yeah, it was one hell of ride. It was really intoxicating. I almost didn’t want to get off the ATV. When you learned how to maneuver it, you’ll surely enjoy it.

As much as we wanted to stay longer, we had to say goodbye and leave this place. Nevertheless, we have lots of memories we can keep and share. We head home by 2:00pm after taking some pictures with the staff and manager of the resort.

Special thanks to these amazing bloggers who made this getaway a memorable one:

Mon Villaverde of Terrific Traveller

Apple Llave of Apple Llave

Kim Reyes of Mom on Duty

Evo Joel of Evo and Grace;

Allan Bough of The Filipino Rambler

Charlotte Anne de Peralta of Charlotte Anne

Lloyd Kevin Uribino of Yogo and Cream

Julia Macaranas of Julia Antoinette

Hazel Asoy of Wannderzel

Jhenn Delos Santos of The Ultimate Adventurer

Erica of The Girl With The Muji Hat

Jena of  Jenamaen

Also, million thanks to Travelbook ladies who made this event possible:

Pia Bernaldo of PiathoughtKim ReyesPinky Librada, and Karen Legaspi Luminario.

mountain-lake-resort-267(c) Erica of TGWTMH

This three-day blogger getaway is organized by Blogger Affiliate Program in partnership with Mountain Lake Resort – Caliraya. Special thanks as well to our generous sponsors, Céleteque Philippines, Alfox Printing Services, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (555 Tuna), Vivo Lumio, Cetaphil Philippines, Mystery Manila, Totem Philippines, Escape Hunt Manila,LazerXtreme, Sidlan, and Zalora Philippines.

If you want to earn and score free blogger getaways to different Philippine destinations, be a Blogger Affiliate by signing up at


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