TravelBook Blogger Getaway: Hotel and Resort Tour at Mountain Lake Resort

I was truly grateful to be one of the lucky winners of the recent TravelBook Blogger Getaway Contest who joined the rest of the 13 bloggers for 3 days and 2 nights of fun-packed adventure at Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort. It was a once in a lifetime event to experience a sponsored trip and meet amazing bloggers.

I’ll have two separate blog entry for this event. In this blog post, I’ll give you a glimpse of the Mountain Lake Resort’s vast and abundant surrounding greens, and I’ll tour you around its beautiful hotel facilities and amenities.

A Bit About Mountain Lake Resort

Mountain Lake Resort is located in the town of Cavinti, Laguna. It has a total land area of 700 hectares including the golf course, residential area, and Marina. The main plan for this land was originally only for residential and golf course area until the Marina area was built and opened in 2014 for team building camp.



The Marina area is where all the water-sports activities and in-water obstacle course are located. This area is actually the main attraction of the resort because this is where most of the fun is happening.

Marina Facilities & Amenities

Amihan Cottages

We were able to experience their traditional accommodation. They have Amihan Cottages, a typical Bahay Kubo design, with the overlooking view of the lake and surrounding lush greens. For cheaper rates of this type of accommodation you may want to book at

From Left: Jen, Hazel, and Jena. My roommates on our first night inside the Standard Amihan Cottage.
– 4 mattresses
– Non-airconditioned
– DVD & TV
– 2 Ceiling Fan
– Locker
– Common Shower and Comfort Room (Outside)
– 8 mattresses
– Non-airconditioned
– DVD & TV
– 2 Ceiling Fan
– Locker
– Common Shower and Comfort Room (Outside)


(5 pax)

– 5 mattresses with bed frames
– Non-airconditioned
– DVD & TV
– 2 Ceiling Fan
– Locker
– Common Shower and Comfort Room (Outside)
– Tables and Chairs

You might be wondering why there’s no air-conditioned cottage room and only fan room, that’s because the ventilation inside the cottage is enough to give a fresh and cool temperature. We didn’t even use the fan because it was really cozy and cold at night.

Boat House

This is an air-conditioned room with TV, open air shower, and mini refrigerator. The bed is twin sharing, which is great accommodation for couple.

They also offer glamping, which unfortunately we were not able to try because of the heavy rain. For this, they provide special camping tent, sleep mattresses, linens, fan, lights, power outlet, and common shower.

Swimming Pool with overlooking view of the Caliraya Lake

All check-in guests have free access to swimming pool. This is the only swimming pool they have in the resort.

Obstacle Course Php.150/pax
Bike        Single
Php. 250/hour
Php. 450/hour
Zipline and Hanging Bridge Php. 150/ride
Horseback Riding Php. 300/30 minutes
Kalesa Php. 480/round
Paddle Boat Php. 350/hour
Kayak Php. 350/hour
Pedaal Boat Php. 350/hour
Bana a Boat Php. 1500/15 minutes
Jetski Php. 2500/30 minutes
Lake Cruise Php. 300/pax per 20 minutes (min 4 pax)
Fishing Php. 250/pax per hour
Bubble Soccer Php. 250/ball per hour
Guided Trekking Php. 200/pax (min 4 pax)
Gazebo Rental Php. 1200/8 hours
Swan Boat Php. 350 for 2 seater
Php. 450 for 4 seater
Bonfire Php. 800 for 3 hours

Clubhouse and Hotel

The Clubhouse and Hotel is bit far from the Marina. They have in-house service van that transfer the guests from their clubhouse to Marina.


Hotel Rooms

All hotel rooms are air-conditioned and have cable TV, hot & cold shower, mini refrigerator, and other amenities.

Standard Room with Twin Sharing bed. Discounted rate: Php. 2400
Superior Room with Triple Sharing bed. Discounted rate: Php. 2800
Family Room with Quad Sharing bed. Discounted rate: Php. 4400

Clubhouse Facilities and Amenities

Their most frequent guests at this hotel are Koreans, and they come here mainly for golf. This is why they have separate front desk and receptionist for Koreans.

Since most of their visitors here are Korean male golfers and are members of their golf club, they provide them locker room. The hotel also have a massage room, Jacuzzi, and Sauna for their hotel guests.

Their developed golf course has a total land area of 70 hectares, and there are more areas that are under development.

The Food

Aside from their relaxing accommodation and fun-filled activities, one of the things that I really did enjoy there was their food. All the ingredients in the food they serve is freshly harvested because they grow their own food. One of my favorite dish is their Bulalo. It was really delicious, you’ll feel the soft texture of beef and the flavorful soup. You can tell that it was pure Bulalo and has no artificial flavorings.

Overall, Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort is a great place for people looking for some adventure. It is an ideal location for corporate events, barkada team building, family gatherings, and even for couple who wants get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I’ll definitely recommend this place.


This three-day blogger getaway is organized by Blogger Affiliate Program in partnership with Mountain Lake Resort – Caliraya. Special thanks as well to our generous sponsors, Céleteque Philippines, Alfox Printing Services, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (555 Tuna), Vivo Lumio, Cetaphil Philippines, Mystery Manila, Totem Philippines, Escape Hunt Manila,LazerXtreme, Sidlan, and Zalora Philippines.

If you want to earn and score free blogger getaways to different Philippine destinations, be a Blogger Affiliate by signing up at

Disclaimer: All photos here are personal shots of the author using Pentax K100D Super and Sony Xperia M5.

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