Lunch Date At Shaburi

Last Tuesday November 2, I ended my night shift work with a sumptuous buffet of Japanese shabu-shabu at Shaburi. It became a lunch date since my partner decided to fetched me at work.

Shaburi is located at 4th level of Uptown Mall, Tower 2, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is beside Max’s Restaurant. This Japanese restaurant is new -it is very noticeable from the interior of the place down to its equipment. Its entrance door is automatic. And even their table has a high-end built-in electronic fire pot for the shabu-shabu. I think this is what makes this restaurant distinct from others.

Back end of the Shaburi

Aside from that stretch of tables and chairs at the back end of the Shaburi, there are still two huge cubicles at the right side that can cater more people.

Buffet Menu

*The prices in this menu are specifically for Weekend and Holiday rate. Weekdays prices are different and a bit lower.

We tried their Regular Shabu which costs 599, and chose Hot Miso and Original Konbu for our soup base. It is unlimited pork and beef with unlimited side dishes, desserts, vegetables, appetizers, and drinks for 90 minutes. Yes, you have to finish for 90 minutes. I think that’s more than enough time to make your tummy full.

I enjoyed their Hot Miso soup base. Its has thick and lightly creamy texture, and rich flavor is what really makes the hot-pot even more delicious. They have very few selection of appetizers, desserts, and side dishes, but I love that they have plenty of veggies to choose from.

Hot Miso

I think Php599 is pretty expensive because they have very few selection of food in their buffet menu, however, it was still worth a try. It has actually no huge difference from typical Shabu-Shabu I’ve tried.

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