A (not so good) Quick Dinner at Malingap Marketplace

After an hour of badminton session last rainy Sunday with my friend, we head to Maginhawa, a street in Quezon City with a stretch of different restaurants and cafes, to eat dinner. We stumbled upon Malingap Marketplace, a small food plaza, just around to the right corner of Maginhawa Street.


Location: 49 Malingap St. Teachers’ Village East, Quezon City

Store hours: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM

I find it interesting because inside this small marketplace are mini food stalls that sell different types of dishes. It’s like a concept of group of chain restaurant located in one place. So we tried some of the dishes that enticed our eyes.

Inside the Malingap Marketplace
I like their idea of the tables and chairs. It’s kind of catchy for the eyes of new customers. I think this is a just a newly set up food marketplace because the vendors are pretty much not used to selling, and they don’t give receipts yet.
Dirty Fingers Stand
We tried the Buffalo Wings with fried ricwe of Dirty Fingers. It costs Php.150 for 6 pieces of wings, and Php. 15 for fried rice.
Buffalo Wings of Dirty Fingers
To be honest, I did not enjoy it. It wasn’t too spicy for me, and it has a tangy taste that I don’t like. It wasn’t so bad though, but it could’ve been  given a better version. The fried rice was just fine.
Aloha Food Stand
I think what they want to highlight in their store is the All Natural Smoothie which is made of natural fruits.
Original Spam Musubi

Original Spam Musubi: A sticky rice and original spam wrapped in nori with a special sauce in between and sesame on the top.

Verdict: Nothing special, just a typical sticky rice with spam. It can be a good food-on-the-go or breakfast. Price: Php.65

Kiwi Smoothie

Kiwi Smoothie: Crushed ice, tons of sugar, a bit of kiwi and milk.

Verdict: It’s so sweet to the point that I can no longer taste the All Natural fruit their talking about. I don’t like it, and it’s a bit pricey for Php.85.

Isaw ng Baboy of Hungry Head

I really regreted that we ordered this. Aside from the fact they burn it, the price is also a bit expensive. One stick of Isaw costs Php.15 which only has 4 tiny pieces of pork intestine.

I could’ve bought 3 pieces of Isaw for Php.15 at Mang Larry’s Isawan in U.P. Diliman, which is way cheaper and tastier than this one.


There are more food stalls to try inside this mini food plaza. I would want to go back to try the other stalls, which I think offers better dishes than the ones I mentioned. I was just disappointed because we drive here on a rainy night, but we had a pretty bad experience on the food the food that we chose.

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