K-PUB BBQ, Trinoma Mall

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Location: Level 3, Trinoma Mall, North Avenue, Quezon City

Food pricing: They have 3 set meal with different prices: P499 Eat & Run (Beat the Clock), P699 Eat & Run Level Up (Beat the Clock), and  P899 Meat All You Can (No Limit). If you want to see their menu for every set of meal they offer, visit their website.

K-PUB BBQ is a Korean restaurant that offers meat-all-you-can for unlimited servings. If you want to experience Korean food and atmosphere, this go to be a place to go. The restaurant has really a K-Pop vibe to it with posters of famous K-Pop bands and singers. They have this huge screen and a center-stage where you can watch Korean music videos or live bands.

What I like about this restaurant is how they sing birthday songs to whoever chose to celebrate birthdays at their place. They have this group that sing and dance birthday song in Korean language. You’ll be surprise when they sing a birthday song for you. The singers looks cute and funny.


Lazada Philippines

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