Egg Ham & Cheese Quesadilla


Here’s a quick breakfast-to-go recipe for people who are always in a hurry and have no enough time to eat at home. My version is very simple because these are the only ingredients I have in my fridge.


4 Tortilla wrap (7 inch)

2 slices ham

3 large eggs


Spring Onion

Salt & Pepper

Cooking oil


  1. In a pan, saute sliced ham and spring onion.
  2. Combine beaten eggs, then add salt and pepper.
  3. Fill your tortilla wrap with sauteed ham & egg.
  4. Top it with grated cheese. Put as much cheese as you want.
  5. Fold over each side of tortilla to the center.
  6. Heat each side until golden brown in a pan.

Tips: You can add more ingredients if you like. If you have leftover food, you can add it and create your own version of quesadilla. 

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