Shabu-shabu in Taiwan


One of the famous dishes in Taiwan is shabu-shabu or hot-pot. Their typical hotpot usually contain vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, enoki muchrooms, shabu-shabu balls (squid balls, crab balls, fish balls), egg, tofu, mien noodles, pork belly, beef strips, shrimp, and soup base flavor. They have wide variety of flavors like seafood, chicken, beef, pork, curry and more. It is their usual food all year round, but it is particularly very popular every winter.

There are a lot of shabu-shabu restaurants in any town of Taiwan. They usually offer one pot of shabu-shabu plus unlimited drinks, rice, and desserts like ice cream for as low as NT$100 to NT$300. There are also high-end hot-pot buffet restaurants with prices that ranges from NT$400 to NT$700.

During my two years of stay in Taiwan, I often chose to eat this type of meal because it’s affordable, delicious and it’s a great food to warm me up when it is freezing outside.

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