Why Shopping TV (or any electronic devices) Online Is Never A Good Idea


Whenever I go shopping online, especially with the products I haven’t tried before, I always read the reviews of the people who had bought it before actually buying the product. Unfortunately, despite the good reviews of the product that I bought, my online shopping experience didn’t turn out the way I want it to be.

Last September 27,  I ordered a SPARC 43″ LED TV at Lazada. The price was a real deal. It costs only Php 9999, so I took the bait. Then after four days (October 1), the item arrived. I’m really happy with how fast the delivery was. Immediately after receiving the item, I installed it and tried it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the display picture. It was really bad like I can’t even clearly see what I’m watching. The text and logos of the channels stays on the screen even I already changed the channel. I don’t know if there is something wrong on the screen or  on the display picture. I tried adjusting the contrast, display mode, etc, but it even got worst. Then I tried resetting the settings, but nothing happened. I tried everything to fix it, but it seemed like there was really a defect on the product that needed to be repaired. I was very disappointed. Luckily, Lazada has 7-14 days return policy, so I returned the television. They were very considerate about replacing it or refunding the money back. I opted to refund the money.

This was really traumatic for me because it’s my first time to buy an appliances online. I totally learned from that experience, that’s why I came up with these reasons why buying electronic devices online is never a good idea.

1. Product reviews can be deceiving

It’s a good habit to see the review of other people before buying an item, especially if you haven’t tried the product yet. However, the review of other people, no matter how good the product review are, cannot guarantee you that it has no defect or that it is a good quality one. You still have to see it yourself.

2. Cheap price could mean cheap quality

We could easily get lured in buying certain item when it’s on sale like over 70% off. That’s what happened to me. I’m not saying that all products with cheap prices online are low quality products. I’m just saying that we should be careful when purchasing items that are sold in very low prices most especially if we aren’t familiar with the brand. Always check the quality over the price. It’ll save you thousands.

3. You can’t personally assess the product when you buy it online

This is the main disadvantage of buying online particularly when it comes to electronic devices or appliances. You can’t physically check whether what you bought online was actually good or not, and whether it is working fine or not. Isn’t it that when we buy a gadget or electronic device in a physical store, we test it first before coming up with the decision of getting it? We can’t do that through online purchase. Thus, we run the risk of buying a bad or defective item.

Though online shopping is the most convenient and fastest way of buying what we need, we should still consider some factors before placing the product to your cart. It might get you into bigger trouble or problem if you’re not being mindful.


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