n. a 3 wheels pedal-operated means of transportation in some countries especially in Asia

This manually operated medium of transportation is made up of bicycle with a side seat attachment and roof cover with a capacious room for two to three passengers.

A Bit of History

This type of vehicle is an advanced version of the Jinrikisha, a man powered car, that was introduced in 1871 by a Japanese Baptist Missionary Jonathan Goble in Yokohama Japan. However, there is an unclear source that the concept was first originated in France during the mid-seventeenth century. The export of this rickshaw throughout Asia started in 1874. Since then there has been many modifications made, and nowadays it is called pedicab – the modern taxicab of Asia.

In the Philippines, we call it Padyak, Traysikad, or Sikad. It is only used for short distances, and is usually operated within subdivisions and urban areas.

If you happen to visit the Philippines, you should try riding in this vehicle. Though it is not the most common vehicle here in our country, if you happen to see one, I suggest you give it a try for a fun experience.

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