Blogger Recognition Award

I was totally surprised to see this on my notification. Someone nominated me for a certain blog recognition award which I thought is only given to those blogs with good reputation or high visibility online. Thank you so much La Dépaysée for recognizing and nominating my blog. Honestly, I got teary-eyed that someone was able to appreciate my posts, and for that I am truly grateful. This inspires me to write more.


The Rules: 

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog
  5. Select a few other blogs you want to give the award to.


Shie Travels History

I started blogging since 2012. I’ve changed my blog name, blog platform, and deleted some of the posts and even removed my previous blogs several times because I wasn’t totally positive about getting really serious about it. I thought no one is noticing it and I’m not very confident on my writing skill back then. It was only this (2016) year when I started to give it enough time to improve and update it regularly.

Shie Travels was coined from the name of the author, yours truly, Shiela. I like to wander around places thus the name of the blog. It was established last 2015 to log my chronicles in Taiwan. Then I thought why not get serious about writing more posts regarding my interests aside from my travel experiences. So, now I’m happy that I was able to keep it updated.

Shie’s Little Advice To New Bloggers

I’d say that I’m pretty much a new blogger as well, but I have few things I learned that I want you guys to know.

  • Don’t be afraid to write or start your own personal blog.

I know you feel that other people might criticize your blog post, or it might not get attention or followers because you might think that your posts are boring or not their cup of tea. That’s fine because that is how every blog started. Remember that no blog got famous overnight, and no blog was created perfectly in an instant. It takes time, effort, patience and your passion to do it all and have a perfectly working personal blog. Go write whatever and whenever you want.

  • Keep your followers posted

If you want to retain your followers and have more people followed your blog, keep your blog updated. Post something interesting on a regular basis. It would also help if you engage with your followers by commenting on their blogs especially if you find their post interesting.

Shie Nonimates

I nominate these beautiful bloggers. You guys deserve this blog recognition award.

I find her blog really interesting especially the style of her blog. It looks professional. She’s also a Filipina blogger living in  Jeddah. See her beautiful posts about Jeddah culture and more.

Meet this beautiful blogger, Andrea, who enjoys cooking. I like her posts about recipes she personally cook. There’s a lot more interesting things to see in her blog so check it out.

Another food blogger from Los Angeles, Cecilia. Her blog makes me hungry whenever I see a post from her. She has a lot of interesting and hunger-triggering blog posts.

I am truly grateful to be given this award. Again, Thank you so much to the one who nominated me. This is my entry to this award article.

9 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

    1. When someone nominates you a blog recognition award or any blog award. It happens when someone like your blog or find it interesting then they want to nominate for a certain blog award.

  1. I am very happy that you appreciated my nomination, I always think that I annoy people when I nominate them ahah your blog is really cute, I came across it jus randomly and I liked so I decided to nominate you even if I followed you not since long time. It is good that I pushed you to write more articles! I look forward to more then, do not give up! I had the same thoughts before but now I am glad I did not 😉 I am having look at the other blogs too, they all look nice 😀

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