Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Barbecue Restaurant

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An Eat-All-You-Can restaurant that offers diverse selection of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Korean dishes with 7 branches in NCR. They have variety of appetizers, desserts, barbecue, hot-pot, side dishes and drinks in their buffet menu. Their buffet rates is different in every 7 branches they have. Check out their website to see the prices.

My friend and I had dinner buffet in one of their branches in Eton Centris Station, Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. We got there at around 5:00 PM but we had a seat by 7:00 PM. Yeah, that’s two hours of waiting. Their dinner buffet starts at 5:30 PM but unfortunately there were already long queue when we arrived. We have to wait for a table to be vacant before we can eat.

Except for the sumptuous wide variety of food they serve, there’s really nothing extravagant with their restaurant.  It’s just a typical hot-pot and grill restaurant.

The bad

  • The place (the first floor in particular) was quite small to accommodate large number of people, and that makes the entire place really crowded when the restaurant is full. There’s not enough space for walkway.
  • They only offered us three choices for the hot-pot soup base, but as far as I know they have six type of soup base.
  • I didn’t like their spicy sate soup base. It wasn’t too spicy.
  • Their meat slicer was very slow. Maybe it wasn’t sharp enough to cut meat.
  • Their cut of beef and pork for the shabu-shabu was a bit too thick and it was pretty chewy when cooked.

The good

  • They have a lot of options of marinated meat and seafood for barbecue.
  • They refill the buffet plates quite quickly.
  • I liked their chicken soup base.
  • They also have unlimited beer but I didn’t drink.

Overall, my experience wasn’t so bad at all. I enjoyed most of the food on their buffet menu. It’s actually worth a try. I think the amount what I paid for was worth it.


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