IPPUDO at Uptown, BGC

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This place is located at the lower ground of Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is in front of the dancing fountain and beside Flatiron.

Products and Prices

It’s basically like a ramen house because they offer variety of ramen noodles. They also have rice meals, Gyoza, salad, buns, a la carte, desserts, and some extra add-ons. The price is pretty reasonable. Like a bowl of ramen noodles costs around Php 400 and it’s only serve for one person but it’s actually good for two (in my case because I can’t finish a huge bowl of ramen).

First Impression

Their food service is faster than I expected. The service crews are nice and polite. Thumbs up to their customer service. And I like the place, it’s cozy and stylish. You’ll really feel the Japanese ambiance because of the decorations aside from, of course, the food.

Food Verdict

I actually liked what I ordered, the Nakamaru Ishinaji  Special. It’s supposed to be a spicy ramen but I did not taste any spicy flavor on it so I asked for extra chili powder. Overall, it wasn’t really so bad at all. I think I’ll go back here to try some of their ramen, especially the most spicy one.

What I don’t like about is their policy about take out orders. They don’t recommend, or not at all should I say, to take out the food. You have to order there and eat it at their restaurant. It’s their policy to preserve the freshness of the food they serve because it’s better eaten while it’s hot.n This rule, is I think, not a good marketing idea because you are excluding those people who want to order for take out. And another thing, what if there are left-overs or they weren’t able to finish their food and want it to be taken home? I think they should reconsider this idea. So, that’s only my concern.

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