Sweetea’s by da.u.de

Sweetea’s by da.u.de

Attention tea lovers out there. Here’s another shop that serves authentic tea. This tea store is located at the little corner near the main entrance of The Block SM North.

They serve wide variety of tea, coffee and juices. The best thing about what they offer is that you can have your tea customize according to your style and put some add-ons. They also offer pastry and other sweets that you can combine with your drink.


Their crafted teas are combination of two different flavors. They have this little jars for the sample of their crafted tea. You can smell it so you can have an idea of how will it taste like. I chose the Milky Guma Melon. It smells sweet but not so overwhelming.


What I like about their tea is that it is freshly brewed when they serve it. It’s not pre-made unlike in other tea stores that’s why you have to wait for 7 to 10 minutes to have it serve to you.


Another thing, they have this very unique interior design of the shop. It’s not the usual tables-and-chairs kind of shop. I find it as a very relaxing place. I love the music they play and the ambiance of the entire place.

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