Journey To The Prestine Sun Moon Lake

Together with my best buddy, Lanie, we decided to go back to Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village and Sun Moon Lake for our Chinese New Year vacation. We’ve been here last Chinese New Year, but we chose to revisit and discover some of the areas we haven’t explored.

It was breezy but sunny with a clear blue sky that reflects on lake that day, February 8. So, we decided to take the most of our time exploring the beautiful and stunning Sun Moon Lake. Located at Yuchih Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, this magnificent body of water is the largest lake in the country. It has also been one of the most popular tourist destinations.

View from the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway building

Lakeside Trail going to Ita Thao Visitor Center

From the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, we took the Ita Thao Lakeside Trail going to Visitor Center to buy ticket for the boat ride.

Food stalls and souvenir shops along the way

You can find a lot of souvenir shops and wide range of Taiwanese street food along the trail of the Ita Thao village.

Going for a boat ride

You can buy ticket at any Visitor Center or authorized ticket outlet for the boat ride. It only costs TWD100 for the whole ride going from and to the three piers – Shuishe Pier, Syuanguang Pier and Ita Thao Pier. 

Yacht waiting for passengers

After buying tickets, we head to the line of people waiting to board. This is the route of our boat: Ita Thao Village > Shuishe Village > Syuanguang Pier.

Shuishe Pier view from the top

Plum Lotus Garden

The Plum Lotus Garden is the best spot to enjoy the scenic view of the Sun Moon Lake. From there, you can see the surrounding mountains, lakeside trail, villages, and the sparkling lake.

Stunning view from the top of Plum Lotus Garden

View from Hanbi Trail

You can go from one pier to another anytime you like, you just have to line up at any boat waiting for passengers at the pier. 

Shuishe Warf

Typical Taiwanese Street Food
We tried the deep-fried squidballs coated with red chili pepper.

We went for a quick tour around the Shuishe Village, tried some street foods, and window shop at some souvenir stores before we head to the our next destination – Syuanguang Pier.

Syuanguang Pier

There’s a long trail of stairs going upward to the Syuanguang Temple, and if you want more hiking adventure, you can go a few more steps up to reach the Syuanzang Temple. They call this trail “Pilgrim’s Trail”.

This is the view a few steps up from the trail

I want to go at the temple but my friends were too tired to walk up there. We just made a few steps up the trail to get a good view of the lake and captured some photos.

My tired travel buddies

It’s my first time to ride in a yacht. It’s such a great experience.

Sitting pretty in the middle of the Hanbi Trail

This was another fun adventure with my bestfriend, Lanie.

Anyway, I can’t give you the direction on how to get here because we use a tour bus specifically arranged for Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village tour.

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