Bicycling At Danshui/Tamsui District, Taiwan

If you’re looking for some exciting adventure in the north coast of Taiwan, there are several places you can go to. Danshui/Tamsui District is one. It is located in the northern part of New Taipei City, and is only a few minutes away from Taipei by MRT (Tamsui-Xinyi Line). It has an array of restaurants, cafes, street foods (mainly seafoods), street performers, souvenir shops, and artists. It has been known for the most beautiful and romantic place to watch the sunset.

MRT is the most convenient and accessible way of going to Tamsui. 

Tamsui/Danshui MRT Station
It’s a bit old, but I’m amazed how they can well maintain the beauty and strong structure of this building. 
To go around Tamsui, we chose to rent a bike instead of taking a boat ride or bus. It only costs TWD60 per hour for bicycle rent near the train station. By the way, you’ll need to present a valid ID like ARC ID or passport to rent. You can choose which type of bicycle you want to use. You will pay after using it, and don’t forget to get your ID after because I almost forgot mine. LOL! 
Drop some coins and this robotic musician in his tribal suit will play the Harmonica. There are actually a lot of performers like this here to entertain the tourists around. 
The main plan of our trip here is to visit the Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, which is 4.5 kilometers walk from the train station. We take the seaside trail going north. It’s actually more fun to take a bicycle going there because you can stop anytime, and anywhere you want to take photos or buy food or shop around for souvenirs that you see along the trail.
It’s late noon and a flock of tourists is starting to overcrowd the seaside.

Nice view going south of Tamsui

You can take a boat ride from here. During peak season or holidays, expect a long queue for the ferry ride.
You can see the stunning view of the seaside if you go bicycling. The trail around here is bit narrow, so be careful on pedaling along the banks,

There are also a lot of restaurants and coffee shops along side of the trail. You can stop by for a coffee or lunch anytime you like.
It’s so relaxing to be here – feeling the  crisp air and sunlight while listening to waves of the ocean.
This is quite a long bicycle trail going to the Fisherman’s Wharf, but it was worth it choosing to go on a bike just by looking at this view.

This picturesque mountain makes the view even more breathtaking.

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Lover’s Bridge of Tamsui
This bridge illumunates variety of colored-lights at night

Boats and private yachts are overcrowding the sea port

We parked our bicycle here to have a quick tour at the bridge and shops around.

Go this way if you want to take a boat ride
 Heading back to the MRT Station

We tried the squid fried in a special herbs cut into cubes. Its actually taste really good. 

We visited this temple beside the street food stalls before we head home
I want to visit this place again because there are still a lot to see and explore in this romantic north coast of New Taipei City.

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