Taipei Day Trip: Tips On How To Get Around Taipei Easily

Taipei is one of the best tourist destinations in Taiwan because it is packed with beautiful attractions like historical landmarks, night markets, amusement parks, etc. Going around in this bustling city could be a bit of a challenge for tourists mainly because of their language. So if you plan to take a day tour in this busy and charming city, these tips might be a big help for you.

1. Use A TaipeiPass or EasyCard
Tourist attractions in Taipei are very accessible by metro train (MRT) or bus, and the fare is fairly affordable for travelers on the budget especially if you use the TaipeiPass card or EasyCard. I used the TaipeiPass during my first visit in Taipei because this ticket is good for unlimited rides on MRT and designated buses within Taipei City and New Taipei City. The price is only NT$180 and is valid for 1 day use. I suggest this type of ticket for those travelers who are going to Taipei for one time journey only. On the other hand, the EasyCard is ideal for people who are going to stay or visit Taipei for several times. For more information about TaipeiPass and EasyCard, visit

You can make use the most of the TaipeiPass by visiting different landmarks in one day. This way, you can enjoy a hassle-free of transferring from one metro line to another without the need of buying new ticket for each ride. I highly recommend using these IC touch-and-go card to those who wants to go on a day tour around Taipei City and New Taipei City.
2. Grab A Map or Download the Taipei Metro Route Map App
Do not forget to get a route map of the MRT lines at the ticket counter or information center. You can also access the route map in your cellphone at Metro Taipei website.
Or, you can download the Taipei Metro Route Map application in your phone for easy access of routes. This is very helpful to avoid getting lost in the huge subway of the metro.
Taipei Metro Route Map
3. Plan Your Itinerary
It is important to plan your itinerary ahead of time to get to several destinations so you can lessen the travel time. Where is your first destination? Is it near to where you are coming from? Would it be very accessible to your next route? These are just the few things that you have to consider. Also, allot specific amount of time of visit in each destination. Using the Taipei Metro Route Map App, you can directly inquire about travel times and plan your route easily.
4. Download the Google Translate App
Although most of the younger generations in Taipei can speak English, there are still locals who couldn’t totally grasp this language. If you don’t have a basic know-how of Chinese language, this application can be a great help. It translates English into different languages and vice versa.
Gear yourself up with these simple things to make the most of your trip enjoyable and a hassle-free one. Have fun in this rich and diverse culture of Taiwan. Have a safe trip!

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