How To Work At Home Productively



The home – based job is probably the dream job of most of us because we get to work conveniently at our own comfort zone and time. However, working at home comes with lots of disadvantages that hinder us to work productively, which affects our output.

You can create a work habit to avoid these distractions from working efficiently. You might want to try these  simple tips on how to work productively at your home.

1. Set up an office-like space at your home.

Choose a spot in your house where you are most comfortable to work at, but make sure it is free from distractions like televisions and noise from the member of your family. Adding music can soothe your mind to work well.

2. Declutter

Remove unnecessary stuff on your table. As much as possible, place only the things you needed for your work. Be a minimalist. The cleaner your office looks, the more efficient you can function at your tasks.

3. Proper ventilation

Open the windows and let the fresh air and natural light in. It can not only give you a good working space condition, but it will also save you a lot on your electric bills.

4. Manage your time wisely

Procrastination is our best enemy in doing the job on time. Schedule all your tasks by doing the most important down to the least important ones. If you can’t finish it on time, be honest and tell your boss about it. Make the most your time, but don’t forget to take a break. Follow the office hour rule of 15 minutes break and 1 hour lunch.

5. Stay informed

If you get stuck and you don’t know what exactly the task assigned to you, ask your boss about it. Clear things up to make sure you’ll deliver the right job that your superior needed. Make the most of the resources you have. Google is always there to back you up.

6. Eat healthy

Eating a big meal in the morning will give you an energy to start your day productively. Whenever you feel hungry, grab anything to eat, but make sure it’s healthy. Refrain from eating junk foods. Fruits like banana and apple are a good source of essential nutrients for our mind and body.

7. Exercise, or do a little stretching.

You don’t need to totally force yourself to do this everyday, but it can help to, at least, shake off that laziness you’re feeling. Stretching can remove cramp muscles, and it will help to condition your entire being. Whenever you feel drowsy in the middle of your work, stand up and shake yourself. Try these 12 Simple Stretching At Your Desk.

8. Love your job

They say, if you can’t do what you love, then at least, love what you do. You’ll always find doing your job  stressful if you keep insisting to yourself that you hate it. Find something in it to love for.

You are working in your own comfort zone, so make these 8 tips as your habit to achieve success in your career.

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