11 Things You Should Thank Your Mom For

Some of us often forget to thank the person who brought us to this world — our Mother. Mama, Inay, Mom, Mommy, Mader, Ma, or whatever we call her there’s a lot of things why you should thank your mom for. To name a few, here are 11 things you should thank your mom for:

1. For carrying you in her womb for 9 months or less, and enduring that painful process of delivering you safely in this world.

2. Those sleepless nights of taking care of you because you’re awake at night and sleeping at daytime. At the same time, preparing for your milk or breastfeeding you to make sure your good health.

3. For bringing you to school and encouraging you in your first day because you’re too afraid to conquer your new world without your mom at your side.

4. For preparing food everyday, especially when she cooks your favorite meal, which no one else but your mom is very good at.

5. For doing the chores that she asked us to do, but she did it anyway because she knew that we feel lazy to do it.

6. For buying the things we insisted we needed, but the truth is we just want them.

7. For being there always, and for transforming into different person she isn’t when we need them. She can become your best friend, especially during those moments when we need a shoulder to cry on, a shopping buddy, someone to talk to and for being a great adviser of all and listening to all our pointless drama and stories.

8. For teaching us what’s right or wrong, and how to be a good person.

9. For forgiving us many times over and over, even after all many failures and mistakes that we’ve done.

10. For checking on us to make sure we are fine. Mom will always be the first one who will make an effort to reach out just to check your condition, most especially when you’re already living independently or you have a new family.

11. For loving us unconditionally, even if we don’t show that we love them too.

Now that we are celebrating Mother’s Day, let us do one simple thing but straight from our heart for our mom. Doing small things that come from the bottom of our heart means a lot to them. So, throw away that hatred feeling, if you have any, for your mother and say “I love You and Thank You, Mom. You are the best”.


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