Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Taiwan has several amusement parks around the state. One of its famous themed park is the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village.  It is situated in the Yuchi Township in the Nantou County. A bit far if you’re coming from Taipei.

If you visit here during Chinese New year, you will be greeted from the main entrance all the way to the parking area of beautiful vibrant pink Cherry Blossom. Also called as Multiple Petals Flowering Cherry or Peony Cherry, this species of Cherry Blossom is in full bloom from the month of January until early March. During this period, a Sakura Festival is always being showcased.  This event has become one of the most important viewing activities for the Taiwanese aborigines, which is also one of the reasons that attract a flock of visitors.

Cherry Blossom trees perfectly lined up along parking area

I got the opportunity to see this place twice, but I was pretty disappointed with my second visit because the Cherry Blossom trees are not yet in full bloom.  Look at the photos below so you can visualize the difference.


This 62 hectares village has a lot to offer aside from its abundant blossoming cherry trees. It is divided into three themed park: European Garden, Amusement Isle and Aboriginal Cultural Village Park.

European Garden
The European Garden is at the lower part of the parking lot near the main entrance. What makes this garden amusing is the mansion-like restaurant called The Ritz Palace Restaurant. Aside from it’s wide variety of flowering plants and the huge water fountain at the center, the Ritz Palace Restaurant has become the main attraction of this garden because of it’s European structural design.

The Ritz Palace Restaurant
Amusement Isle
If you want to experience extreme rides adventure, you head to the Amusement Isle. This is where all the rides are located such the UFO, Maya Adventure, Gold Mine Adventure and Caribbean Splash. If you’re afraid of extreme adventure, there is also a cultural square inside.
Entrance to the Amusement Isle


You can also find here the Aladdin Pavilion which most the rides for kids can be found. It’s an indoor recreational and amusement area which includes small rides for kids and even for young adults such as Pirate, Space Mountain, Classic Jungle and more.

Your tour in Formosan wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the cabled car ride. It was such an invigorating feeling for me because it was my first. It was a long queue though because of holiday season, but it was worth waiting because inside the cabled car you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic view of the entire place.

Second Station inside the Cultural Village Park
The Skyline Ropeway has 3 connecting stations. One inside the Amusement Isle, the next is in the Aboriginal Village Park and the last one is in Sun Moon Lake.


View from inside the cable car

Up to 8 persons can fit in, but 6 or less would be best so you can move around inside and take pictures.

Aboriginal Village Park
If you want to see and learn about the Taiwanese aborigins’ culture, you should definitely visit this outdoor museum. This is accessible by cable car or Skyline Ropeway from the first station inside the Amusement Isle. We weren’t able to visit this though, we just dropped off here and went immediately to the third station– Sun Moon Lake.


We didn’t explore the entire Aboriginal Cultural Village, we just took some group photos with the Cherry Blossom trees and head to our next destination.

Sun Moon Lake

You can reach Sun Moon Lake from second station Aboriginal Cultural Park. It’s quite a long ride going to Sun Moon Lake because you will cross a very high mountain. When the cable car reached the top of the mountain you’ll see the beauty of the lake.

You’ll have to cross these mountain going to Sun Moon Lake. It was such a postcard-perfect view inside the cable car.



I didn’t get the chance to visit the Sun Moon Lake in my first trip here because we have no time left. I think you’ll have to spend two days here if you also want to explore the entire Formosan Cultural Village and Sun Moon.

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